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How to Stay Safe at Night

23271243600_82e3c3e618_bNight is a dangerous time in some parts of the world. In some cities, gangs go around, when people are less attentive. Being out at night in such areas is also very dangerous. However, danger can be minimized with a few extra tips.


1. Always have a plan of where you are going. Being organized and prepared is the key. You should know where to go in case of trouble.

2. Carry a cell phone with you at all times. This is the number one key. If you are in trouble, you can quickly call someone. For this same reason, have someone to call, like a parent or a friend.

3. Walk confidently. Assailants often look for weak people to target. Walk with your shoulders up and your eyes faced forward. Don’t hunch yourself together or show that you are scared in any way. People will be less inclined to attack you in this case.

4. Travel with a friend. There is safety in numbers, and culprits can be easily overcome by large numbers of people. Also, if you are hurt, someone can go and get help. Criminals are less likely to attack you if you are in a group.

5. If you are traveling with valuables, try not to show it. For example, a very expensive diamond necklace would not be advisable to wear when there are less people around. Don’t carry a very heavy purse either. These attributes will attract thieves to steal from you and assault you.

6. If confronted, speak slowly and calmly. There is nothing worse than showing that you are scared. If you are confident, the people might leave you alone. Showing fear will incline them to cause you harm. Look them straight in the eyes too. Speak loudly. Assure them that you will not cause any harm if released. Don’t beg, this will show you are scared.

7. Stall for time by delaying the assailant as much as possible. Try to wriggle out of their grip and run for help, screaming. Screaming, “Help”, will not do as much as screaming, “Fire!” It will make people intervene.

8. Try to observe the feature of the person who confront you. Include hair and eye color, birth marks, gender, and an estimated height. This will later help you catch him/her.

9. Report to the safest place possible that is nearby, like a police station. Call the cops and report your incident. Include the details of the confronter.

10. If you are raped, don’t change, douche, shower or use the restroom. Important details can be lost. Report the rape immediately to authorities and follow any additional instructions they may give you.

11. Stay in well-lit, populated areas. Areas without decent lightning can be the scenes of incidents.